“A lot of children from immigrant families, who do not know their native language well, are at the crossroads of identity crisis.
Native language has a very important non-replaceable role in framing and shaping the thoughts and emotions of children as well as in their psychological and personality development. It is one of the most precious treasures in our lives which represents our own culture, melody, identity, history, customs, colour and many more; hence it is our utmost duty and responsibility to preserve it and pass it down to next generation. However, living away from motherland makes it the most challenging (as it doesn’t happen spontaneously!), either due to a lot of us not seeing the risk of our children losing their mother tongue or having limited opportunities to do so.
In this respect, we are very fortunate to have Perth Sinhala School (PSS) and I truly appreciate its efforts and commitment to not just teach Sinhala language, but to provide a language immersion blended with life and cultural experience for our children, of which they can take pride in.”

— By Piyamal Withanarachchi

“Perth Sinhala School is doing an exceptional service in educating our children about our culture and language.
Lakdinu enthusiastically participates in all learning and cultural activities and has warmly embraced novel experiences such as drumming. We are really happy to see he admires our culture and shows passion to learn more, which was definitely developed by the school.
We convey our gratitude to the school for the invaluable service they provide to all the children in our community and wish success in every effort they make.”

— By Manonjalee Jayasekara